Pitching It To The World

World shrinking into your devices, what geeks started as fun and the rest of the world teasing them, indeed turned out into a revolution which amalgamates diverse civilizations, creativity conquering borders, and the chance of your ideas getting funded by any random soul occupying  this living planet urges me to invent a scale for the word, ‘COOL’.

Pleasure is what everybody seeks (normally), the Internet has served the purpose quite well since its inception. But we, the lucky ones, are and will witness revolution, throughout our existence. Social networks, weaved the infrastructure on which you shed your ‘e-mail as the de-facto for communication ’ skin. Data and context between two or a group of people became more slutty and it reached a wide number and variety of Homo Sapiens.

In fact, I would say, ‘Social, the internet way’ in the last few years have included new terms in its legislation. Social, our ancestors would crudely define the word as belonging to some sort of a community and their interaction with peers. Social network at birth mimicked the traditional reality, but it had a remarkable advantage - the world was just one place  on the internet. Here, the communal borders were not rigid and transparency in ideas and creative thoughts  began to foster. Geography lost quite a lot of importance.

Based on the other new form of social media, KICKSTARTER  has began a revolution. You may have all the ingredients for, maybe the next big thing, but the money. A round of pitching may get you your dream but a collection of your very own specie scattered through the planet funding your dream , brings me back to my point of inventing a scale for the word, ‘COOL’.

Not just, you get funded, but you also get a lot of attention even before your product gets public. And for the normal blunt heads applauding at the existence of excellence, like me, what’s in KICKSTARTER for us?  Well, inspiration. Ideas arranged in bouquets and people buying it and loving it, may water the ‘idea’ seeds in our very own brain and maybe on a fine sunny morning, we find ourselves selling a benevolent idea to the world.