Past Two Months, Chris, and theSchneid

  • People never thank people enough.

  • ‘Thank You’ is a courtesy, it never expresses the measure of gratitude.

  • Small and simple words grows into a life worth living for, if they are showered on you, you can’t thank the agent enough.

Roughly two months ago, December 18, 2011 began my journey that would lead me to something, someone who adds value to the world. Trust me, back then I barely understood the word, ‘journey’. It was more of a quest to me to pursue a very different profession in a place where the word and the context in which it is used doesn’t go well with each other.

I got my routine and worked my mind 12 hours a day to learn the tricks of Web Developing. But I was not sure whether I was enjoying or you may say breathing in the experience, the feeling lasted for a month, only to discover the schedule was getting the better of me, and the revelation made me feel a bit low.

Whilst these days of my emotional rides on a roller coaster, a man from a distant land by the name of Chris Schneider, who had a rich interest in diverse culture and history started writing articles and pushed them into my Facebook inbox. It was hard for me not to fall in love with his writing and point out to the unique nature in which he used history to define the present trends occurring in the world and technology. After reading the second article I was pretty much anxious to take a February break and devote it to building what I loved most - websites. I landed up coding for two projects - Drexdi, a place for dreamers and go getters and theSchneid(Chris adopted the name with a bit of shy and smile), home to Chris’ articles.

Chris readily agreed to my proposal of ‘theSchneid’ and soon enough handed me the keys to characterize his articles and present it before the world on the other side. And right then, little did I know of how he would impact my life. We started discussing ‘theSchneid’ over Skype but truly speaking that consisted just a little part of our conversation which usually lasted for more than an hour. We babbled through different topics, truth to be told, I was fascinated at how much he was interested in different cultures and how tolerant he was to them. We voiced about India(I mostly talked about the things which disturbed me), my thoughts on entrepreneurship, my schedule(he had a good laugh at that), social media bringing in a cultural shift, his interests, turmoil in China, convincing the older generation about the misconception of the world going to the dogs and much more. Frankly, I feel I constituted the major call time.

Though not directly, he explained me the huge significance of enjoying the things you do, made me understand the true meaning of what it means to trust your intuition, the dots will connect some how analogy by Steve Jobs and having faith in yourself and if we started a journey, we will surely reach a destination, we don’t need to bother about the question whether we will complete the journey or not. Chris, I know you are reading this, I have expressed my gratitude towards you many times in voice, but I guess thanking you in an article will mean a lot different to both of us. Its plain to see this is the best foreign thing which happened to me since my inception.

Moving on to ‘theSchneid’, I feel I have lent a piece of me to the work. For the first time in my creative life(its not as fascinating as it sounds), I bowed down before the power of simplicity and elegance and with no second thoughts I can say, this is the most enjoyable stuff I have ever done in my life. And this is the project I would love to be a part for, a long, long time. Again, Chris has shown a lot of faith in my work and I hope I do justice to it. Quite excited about the final product, though my best friend Akshat tags it to be pretty awesome.

Fav 5 Quotes Throughout These Two Months

  • How we cultivate our relationships is often one of the greatest determinant of the life we get to live. -Gary Vaynerchuck

  • Great news is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Opinion should be ceased to be formed off, for it stops you from learning. - Chris Schneider

  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence ,then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

  • Like all beauty, his music was pure simplicity - Albert Einstein on Mozart’s music